Establish Partnerships

OUR TEAM installs & manages the Flarecraft Services

Our objective is to maximize market share by rapid scaling. To achieve this goal, our plan is to start by establishing Partnerships with Ferry Operators (1,350) and Cruise Ship Operators (4,500), for Adventure Rides and Water Taxis Services with the SeaWing® 4 craft - laying the foundation for rapid scaling in parallel when we expand into SeaShuttle® High-Speed Ferry Services with the SeaWing 8 & 12-passenger craft.

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Ferry Operators

"Probably by default of ferry operators, traveling with a ferry has become "low status" and the young generation will prefer to fly to a destination. The problem can be coped with by providing comfort and service in a value for money model."

Klas Brogren, Publisher ShipPax


Cruise Ship Operators, give your passengers access to all the fun - while diversifying into new markets, profit centers, and passenger services.

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flarecraft services

express passenger service

Offer Express passenger Service ('Concord') * Saving 80% of Ferry Travel Time

harbout island ferries


Nassau to Harbour Island

3 hours * Flarecraft 36 minutes

Bridgeport Ferry

Bridgeport PJ 2

Bridgeport to Port Jefferson

1.5 hours * flarecraft 18 minutes

Brittany Ferries


Portsmith to Caen, France

6 hours * flarecraft 72 minutes

natural line extension to their current business

new profit center generating high Net Profit

new passenger services filling a need

no new docking infrastructure

no new support team

no new back office

adventure rides

"Take passengers to places they thought they'd never see"

expand their horizons

Remote Beaches


All the Bahamas . . . .


.... Not just Nassau!

Cruise Ships Bahamas

lost continents


WATER TAXI 'Uber' services

Point-To-Point high-speed water transportation

"To go where you want . . . when you want"

Ft Myers to N Captiva Isl 12 Min


Get Away From it All


Beat the crowds

St Maarten 4

Picnic on a Secluded Beach


high-speed inter-island/coastal networks

Develop Inter-Island/Coastal Transportation Networks

build fleets * add routes * add new passengers * increase profits * establish transportation Systems

Flarecraft will open markets not possible for partners

(shallow water * Island Hopping * Local Islands * Floating Cities * Floating Communities)

Shallow Water
Floating City
Access Floating Cities
SSW2 Inst Isl Lighting
Island Hopping
Floating Communities
Access Floating Communities
FtM Routes Local
Local Isalnds