riding inside our Flarecraft® L325 ground-effect craft

Why go through the waves .... when you can Flare over them!

the future of high-speed travel over water is here


Are extremely efficient winged vehicles (high lift-to-drag, low fuel consumption, low cost/seat-mile) that travel over surfaces, like water, at a limited height (half a wing span), operating (Flaring) in a zone known as "ground-effect", at high speed (100+mph). Flarecraft® are not regulated by the FAA as aircraft. They are registered with the US Coast Guard as a boat.

Introducing the FLARECRAFT®. . . . . SeaWing®

“The design has solved the fundamental problem of ‘pitch- up’ while uniquely increasing lift (18%) and stability in ground-effect”. Director Aeronautical Engineering Flarecraft Corporation

* Designed 54 Record Breaking Aircraft (2 in the Smithsonian)

A BREAKTHROUGH in ground-effect craft TECHNOLOGY

No 'pitch-up'

SSW4 Bow S

Craft operating in ground-effect develop two 'centers-of lift' causing instability. SeaWing® is stable.*

* Patent Pending

Hydrofoil 8 second takeoff

(Flarecraft® L325 Hydrofoil Takeoff)

Comfortable takeoffs & landings

New electric tunnel duct system


No propellers * No noise

* Patent Pending

flarecraft® services

express passenger service

inter-island/COASTAL HIGH-SPEED networks

adventure RIDES & Water Taxis

flarecraft® models

SeaWing® 2 (2-passenger)

seawing® 4 (4-passenger)

SSW4 Bow S

SeaWing® 8 (8-Passenger)

SSW4 or SSW8 Cruise

SeaWing® 12 (12-Passenger)




Create exciting marketing campaigns to increase passengers

Flarecraft® L325 to SeaWing® development history

we proved ground-effect craft work . . . then we invented SeaWing® - a breakthrough!