Flarecraft Will Fill a Gap in the Market

For high-speed water transportation

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SeaWing-4 Craft

SeaShuttle Corporation will start establishing Flarecraft Services by building SeaWing-4 fleets, at a cost/craft of $375,000. The craft will start in the Adventure Ride business for Ferry and Cruise ship passengers, Resort guests, and the general public. It will then expand into Water Taxis and SeaShuttles.

SeaShuttle Corporation will establish initial operations in Newport, RI., to service Nantucket, Block Island, Martha's Vinyard, and Narragansett Bay.

SeaWing-4 Fleets

An investor will purchase craft using an LLC and lease them to SeaShuttle Leasing.

SeaShuttle Leasing will lease the craft to the local operating company (e.g., SeaShuttle RI, LLC). The local company will operate and maintain the craft.

SeaShuttle Corporation will fund fleets by sale-leaseback financing through SeaShuttle Leasing.

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Investment Opportunity

Option #1: An investor purchases a SeaWing-4 craft ($375,000), leases it to SeaShuttle Corporation (SSC), and splits the Net Profit 50/50 with SSC.

Option #2: SeaShuttle Leasing will lease each Seawing-4 craft ($375,000) from an investor for $3,750/month for 60 months ($225,000); 25% ROI.

The lease residual value will convert into shares of the local SeaShuttle operating company (e.g., SeaShuttle RI, LLC) at FMV. Each lease can be custom structured to accommodate an investor's needs.

The Company has identified 100 potential territories, each with many potential applications.

Upon completion of the SeaWing-8 and SeaWing-12 craft production plans, the Company will make additional offerings to fund these fleets.

Lease Cash Flows

Lease CFs

Fleet Leasing Structure

flarecraft fleets

Image SSW2 061222
SeaWing® 4

$375,000 (after-tax cost: $225,000 40% tax bracket)

lease to seashuttle Leasing for $3,750/month 60 months ($225k - 25% ROI)

SSW4 or SSW8 Cruise
SeaWing® 8

$675,000 (after-tax cost: $405,000 40% tax bracket)

lease to seashuttle Leasing for $6,750/month 60 month ($405k - 25% ROI)

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SeaWing® 12

$875,000 (after-tax cost: $525,000 40% tax bracket)

lease to seashuttle leasing for $8,750/month 60 month ($525, - 25% ROI)