ferry operators * re-define your business purpose

Train Operators in the 19th Century Defined Their business purpose as "Trains" instead of "Transportation"; causing them to miss the opportunity of owning the automobile, airline, & trucking industries. re-define your business purpose as "Transportation Over water" not just "Ferry Route Services" and seize the opportunity FLARECRAFT® offer to add water taxi & seashuttle® high-speed ferry services.

expand your horizons * add flarecraft® services

Express Passenger service

inter-island transportation

coastal networks

Adventure Rides

water taxis

OUR TEAM: installs & manages your flarecraft® services

Double revenues & profits in 5 years

new passenger services * profit centers * markets

Passenger Services To Increase Revenues

Profit Centers To Increase Valuation

Markets To Increase Diversification


Increase Competitive Advantage: Better Prices & Schedules*

SeaWing® 12 Increases Passenger Thru Put Capacity**

SeaWing® Fleet Gives Scheduling & Pricing Flexibility

Increase Profit Margins To 46%

* Lower Prices * 75% Less Travel Time * Hourly Departures

** 12 Passengers * 7 SeaWing® 12 Craft * 6 More Trips/Day Vs Ferry = 504 Passengers

Net Profit/year: $21.7 million

Investment: $24 million ($14.4 million after-tax)

"Probably by default of ferry operators, traveling with a ferry has become "low status" and the young generation will prefer to fly to a destination. The problem can be coped with by providing comfort and service in a value for money model."

Klas Brogren, Publisher ShipPax

"We're moving from a 'society of stuff' to a 'society of experiences'."

Dara Khosrowshahi, Expedia CEO

SSW8 FERRY Bow (2)

express passenger service

Offer Express Service To Current Passengers * Saving 75% Ferry Travel Time

harbout island ferries


Nassau to Harbour Island

4 hours * flarecraft® 48 minutes

Bridgeport Ferry

Bridgeport PJ 2

Bridgeport to Port Jefferson

1.5 hours * flarecraft® 10 minutes

Brittany Ferries


Portsmith to Caen, France

6 hours * flarecraft® 60 minutes

natural line extension to your current ferry business

new profit center generating 46% Net Profit

new passenger services filling a need

no new docking infrastructure

no new support team

no new back office

setting the foundation for additional markets

(Inter-Island/Coastal Networks * Adventure Rides * Water Taxi Services)

high-speed inter-island/coastal networks

Develop Inter-Island/Coastal Transportation Networks

build fleets * add routes * add new passengers * increase profits * establish transportation Systems

Flarecraft® will open markets not possible for ferries

(shallow water * Island Hopping * Local Islands * Floating Cities * Floating Communities)

Shallow Water
Floating City
Access Floating Cities
SSW2 Inst Isl Lighting
Island Hopping
Floating Communities
AccessFloating Communities
FtM Routes Local
Local Isalnds

cruise ship adventure rides*

"Take passengers to places they through they'd never see"

* 30 Million Cruise Ship Passengers 2019

expand their horizons

Remote Beaches


All the Bahamas . . . .


.... Not just Nassau!

Cruise Ships Bahamas

lost continents



Point-To-Point high-speed water transportation

"To go where you want . . . when you want"

Ft Myers to N Captiva Isl 12 Min


Get Away From it All


Beat the crowds

St Maarten 4

Picnic on a Secluded Beach