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Why go through the waves .... when you can Flare over them!

flarecraft ground-effect craft

Are extremely efficient winged vehicles (high lift-to-drag, low fuel consumption, low cost/seat-mile) that travel over surfaces, like water, at a limited height (half a wing span), operating (Flaring) in a zone known as "ground-effect", at high speed (100+mph). Flarecraft are not regulated by the FAA as aircraft. They are registered with the US Coast Guard as a boat.


SSW12 P Great Ocean Larger 061222

extensive research & testing by world-class engineers

Built Over 100 Record Breaking Aircraft & Won 8 America's Cup Trophies

60% Scale Test Model

Wind Tunnel Tested
CNC Cut Molds
Centrifuge Model Testing
Carbon Fiber Fully-Molded Parts
Folding Wings
Docking Systems
Increased Lift in Ground-Effect
Multiple Designs Tested
Composite Structure Testing
Hydrofoil Technology