L325 to SeaWing® Development History * $25 Million R&D

The Director of Aeronautical Design for Flarecraft Corporation and one of today’s top aerodynamicist, with 54 aircraft to his name (two in the Smithsonian) explains: “The design has solved the fundamental problem of ‘pitch- up’ while uniquely increasing lift (18%) and stability in ground-effect”.


Founder & Team

William F. Russell, Jr. has specialized in restructuring and turning around troubled companies, among which were:  Ashley Outlet Stores, Inc., V.P. Fifth Avenue Cards, Inc., V.P./Secretary of Dutchmaid, Inc., Talbott Outlet Stores., President, D.S. Plumb, Inc., President, Super Glass, Inc., Peter Storm, Ltd, and Holt Allen, Ltd. He was also head of M&A and Assistant to the Chairman, Gill & Duffus Holding, Inc.; Account Executive, A.G. Edwards & Sons Inc.; Director of Pennine Resources, plc; managed a small hedge fund for eight years; and worked in the corporate finance department of J.J.  Lowrey & Co.  He invented the SeaWing® technology and has been honored with the Popular Science Aviation and MIT Enterprise awards.  Russell has an MBA from Columbia University and a BA from the University of Wisconsin.

Government/Military Strategic Partners

Chairman BHC

Managing Director

Managing Director



Chief Engineer

Composite Structural Engineer
Builder America's Cup Intrepid
Chief Aerodynamicist
Peterson Builders, Inc.
Former F16 Pilot & Engineer
For the initial Florida Territory, the Company has established an Operations Team on Captiva Island at South Seas Island Resort (off  Ft Myers).  In addition, Russell has had discussions with several additional management candidates he anticipates will join the Company upon completion of this funding.